Life Connect

As a growing church, Life Connects are groups / membership communities by which we connect and grow together in smaller settings.

A Life Group is any group of people who come together in an informal and friendly setting to impart the life of Christ on one another through Fellowship, Discipleship and Support. Our primary purpose is to develop meaningful and purposeful relationships with each other in Christ.

There are two types of Life Groups:

Community Life Connects

These are groups who meet in their various residential and work-place communities to do Bible Study and other activities that encourages Faith-based relationship / fellowship. Ultimately aimed at raising more souls for the kingdom of God as well as increased membership for our local assembly. Life Centres are hosted by church members locally (in workplaces or homes).

Life Groups Connects

These are regular gatherings of three or more people based on common interests, experiences, needs, ideas, goals etc. They are categorized into sections as follows:

  • Prayer, Support, Children and Youth.
  • Personal and Professional Development, Volunteering.
  • Leisure and Business