About Us

Our Mission Statement

A worshipping People

  • We are created to worship God privately and corporately as a family. Our worship shall be expressively free, yet orderly and balanced (Matthew. 22:37) A People of Living Praise to God.
  • We exist to reflect the glory of God in our daily lives and relationship with people. We are redeemed into the Kingdom of God here on earth for this one purpose
  • A Living Praise, in righteousness and integrity of actions and purpose. (1Peter. 2: 9).

Disciple Making Church

We are called and thus primarily exist as a Living Praise, to make every member of the assembly a disciple of Christ as the duty of every Christian, …” making disciple of all nations”. (Matthew 28:19)

A Caring Community

We pursue the attainment and experiences of loving relationships within and without the assembly. Thus we shall seek to care for all, as we seek out with love to one another, our loved ones, neighbours and the society at large. (John 13:34-35)

Our Ultimate

To daily experience God through His word and express Him as a living praise, making Jesus Christ, our pillar and Savior known in our world as well as reign with Him eternally, even from now….